Changes to UK law will legalise copying of CDs and DVDs

Changes to UK law will legalise copying of CDs and DVDs

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The UK Government has at long last amended its copyright law to legalise the ripping and copying of CD’s, DVD’s and other media for personal use. The changes will came into affect from June this year. Before the changes it was against the law to make a copy of legally purchased CDs, DVD’s or to transfer them to a computer or phone. This will no longer be the case, but it will still be illegal to copy CDs and DVDs and sell them.

“You will be able to make personal copies to any device you own, or to your personal online storage, like a private cloud, but it will be illegal to give other people access to the copy’s you have made, for example, allowing your friends or family access to your personal cloud storage,” states the official consumer guide to the new copyright exception law.

If you own digital media, you will be able to sell it on, but will have to destroy all copies that you might have made for personal use; this includes any copies stored on your hard drive or in the cloud.

The changes are long overdue and parliament have been discussing the changes to copyright for several years, the changes will now legalise a practice that many people in the UK were unaware was illegal. A government survey showed that 85% of consumers already thought CD and DVD ripping was legal. Popular programs like iTunes and Windows Media player both have built in ripping tools reinforced this assumption.

Link to Copyright Guidance Consumers Guide

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