Apple Getting Attacked Over iOS 8 Bugs and Phones Bending

Apple Getting Attacked Over iOS 8 Bugs and Phones Bending

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Apple are suffering a barrage of criticism and bad press following a buggy launch to their newest mobile operating system iOS 8, it has also been reported that the new iPhone 6 Plus is prone to bending but apple have denied this.

When Apple launched iOS 8 back in mid September, they immediately received reports saying customers were experiencing shorter battery life, poor Wi-Fi connection, they also had to stop apps working with their HealthKit app as there was problems with apps shearing data between them selves and the HealthKit. People that downloaded Apple online storage iCloud Drive were also finding that they were locked out on some devices.

Apple quickly fixed these issues with the 8.0.1 updated but that came with its own set of problems, like some customers not being able to connect to their mobile networks or used the touch ID to log in. The update was immediately pulled and then replaced with iOS 8.0.2 in late September. This has how ever introduced a fresh set of problems, a Twiter user William Petty has said “Top iOS 8.0.2 features so far; alarms that keep going even after they have been turned off, spotlight will not return any apps in their results, crash on un-lock”

iPhone 6 Plus BendingThere has also been reports of the iPhone 6 Plus bending out of shape when in people pockets, Apple how ever have dismissed this saying only 9 customers have contacted them saying their phones have bent and there is not a design faulty in the 6 Plus, but 9 affected handsets is still to many

The have run tests to see just how bendy the 6 plus is using a compression machine and it showed that the iPhone 6 plus withstood more force that the HTC One M8 and the smaller iPhone 6.

Is this just Apple getting some bad luck or are they pushing out there iOS with out really testing it?

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