Gameover Zeus Email Scam Returns

Gameover Zeus Email Scam Returns

The Gameover Zeus email scam has returned and in the form of a scam email that is claiming to be from NatWest. Security Company Malcovery spotted the scam on 10th July, the malicious email claims to contain your online bank statement in the form of an attachment. If you open this it could leave your PC at risk, as not all antivirus programs are able to detect the malware at present.

International police took down Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker for two weeks back in June of this year. Malcovery said the hackers behind Gameover Zeus have boosted the infrastructure so it is more resistant to further police action. “This discovery has shown the criminals that were responsible for the Gameover Scam do not intend to give up just yet on their botnet even after they suffered one of the most expansive takeovers/takedowns in history”.

The criminals that are behind this malware still have the same goal – taking your money. It is estimated that the people behind the Gameover Zues scam have be responsible for the theft of £100m since 2007.

For more information you can read Malcovery’s Blog Post

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