Set Up An Airport Extreme Base Station/Time Capsule on Sky’s Fibre Broadband

Set Up An Airport Extreme Base Station/Time Capsule on Sky’s Fibre Broadband

If like me you are with sky but don’t want to use the white sky hub (Sagem) but instead you want to use Apples Airport Express Base Station or Time Capsule instead this is how to set it up and get it woking:-

Preparation (Requires original sky router still set up)

How to get username and password for Sky’s Hub SR101 (White)

1) Calculating your sky user-name and password

1.1) Go to Sky Broadband Password Calculator

1.2) Select “Sagem f@st”

1.3) enter the mac address from the sky routers status page (wan connection)

1.4) enter the sky routers default wireless key and click calculate

1.5) create the final key by adding the user-name and password together (user-name|password), you will end up with a key like 123456789012@skydsl|1234567890123456


Setting up Airport extreme Base Station/Time Capsule Using Air Port Utility 5.x

1.6) Get Airport Utility 5.6. There are 3 options to choose from depending on your OS

OSX Lion
OSX Mountain Lion – either follow the instructions or get the unpackaged version


Screen Shot How of Were to Enter Your Sky Information

1.7) open APU 5.6

1.8) click manual setup

1.9) click “Internet”. Select Ethernet for “Connect Using” Select Share a public IP address for “Connection Sharing”

2.0) click “TCP/IP”. Select Using DHCP for “Configure IPv4”

2.1) input your extracted username and password in the “DHCP Client ID” field in the format exampled above.

2.2) click “DHCP”. Select your preferred DHCP Beginning and Ending Address

2.3) click Update

After this the AEBS will reboot, leave it a minute and it should present you with an IP address and you will be connected

How to set up Air Port Base Station Using Air Port Utility 6.X

3) Connect your Airport Basestation to your Openreach Modem and your computer

3.1) open up Airport Utility and get in to the setting of the basestation

3.2) Under network select DHCP & NAT

3.3) Click on Bastation then edit, then go of file and export configuration file (I saved mine to desktop so it was easy to find)

3.4) open the configuration file your just saved using a Notepad (Windows) or Text edit (Mac)

3.5) Search for WADC CMD+F (Mac) or CTRL+F (Windows)

3.6) the search should sow the following:

Code: <Key>waDC</key>


3.7) in-between <String></String) put in the user name and password you got in the earlier step

so you should have something like:



<String>#############@skydsl | ##############</String>

3.8) Once you have done this save the changes you just made

3.9) go back the Airport Utility and the click import configuration file and select the one you just made changes to

3.10) Click Update

Give it a minute and the Airport Basestation should then connect to the inter and light should go Green you are then good to go

Please remember not to throw out your old Sky Router as you will still need to plug this back in if you ever have to ring up sky for broadband issues

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