Sky TV Fees Could Be Going Up By 10%

Sky TV Fees Could Be Going Up By 10%

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The satellite giant Sky has revealed it will be increasing its monthly fees by up to 10% which is due to start in September of this year, this will affect millions of Sky TV users. A message on Sky’s website saying, “Sky TV prices will be increasing on the 1st of September. In accordance with their standards terms, your Sky TV package may rise by up to 10% in the minimum contract term”

Sky has said they will be writing to all its customers next month with more details. It’s believed that the rise will be a lot less than the reported 10%. Last year Sky increased their prices by 2.5%. The move comes as Sky plugs a two-year free broadband offer for all of their Sky Sports Customers. This is in a bid to prevent households switching to rivals BT or TalkTalk. This is likely to mean Sky having to take a hit on the cost.

Sally Francis, of, said: “An up to 10% price rise is quite a substantial one, especially when some of Sky’s Packages can cost upwards of £70 a month. “Customers should be given plenty of warning about the increases and should be offered a way out if their package becomes unaffordable.”

Sky have said: “We work hard to keep any price rises to a minimum, and always ensuring we continue offering grate value, We will be writing to all our customers in July telling them about any changes.”

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