Apple Watch

Apple Watch

After lots of rumours Apple have at last announced their first smartwatch, but is this just an expensive gimmick or a tech breakthrough?

Dif Versions OF Apples Watch

What is it?

This is Apples latest attempt to reinvent the world of technology, and persuade you in to emptying your banks. Scepticism aside, the Apple Watch might just surprise everyone, and not just because its not called the iWatch.

Whys that then?

apple watch activity appBecause it’s jammed packed with features that sound really good. It can runs apps, will notify you when you get a message just like all good smartwatches, but apple have put there stamp on the smartwatch with things like a touchscreen that is ‘force-sensitive’, this allows the screen to distinguish between a light tap or a press. To control what’s on the screen you use a dial on the side which Apple have called the Digital Crown, it also has a heart-rate tracker which can be used to measure things like calories burned.

One of the most impressive innovations would have to be the ‘Taptic Engine’; that tells you when you have a notification, by tapping you on the wrist. Apple has said you will feel a tactile sensation and each notification interaction is recognisably different.” It can even act as a walking navigation aid, tapping a different pattern on your wrist when you need to turn left or right. These do sound like genuinely useful features and not just gimmicks, and at the very least should help reduce the number of smartphone zombies lumbering blindly through the streets.

The watch does look nice, with its stainless steel case and can be used with any of the stylish straps making is easy to find a style to suite everyone’s taste. And best of all it tells the time

Apples Video Introducing Apple Watch

Do you need any other Apple products to use it?

You need to have an iPhone 5 (or later) to ‘pair’ with the watch. That’s not the only drawback. Experts are suspicious about battery life, as Apples boss Tim Cook never mentioned this at the watches reveal. An Apple source has said it will need to be charged every day.

How much will it cost?

When it launches in the US next year it will be around $349, that converts to around £215, but is most likely to be priced a lot higher when it arrives in the UK next year. There is also the Edition range comprising of six 18-carat gold watches with a polished sapphire crystal display. Apple have yet to say just how much they are going to be, but my guess is a lot, so if you want one you had better get saving now!!!!

Is it like wearing an iPhone on your wrist?

Time Cook said at the big reveal they did not want to just shrink the iPhone and strap it on your wrist. Smartwatches are portable computers like a smartphone is the screens are just way to small, But they can be a very usefull companion to a smartphone or tablet.

Should you buy one?

Not if you are an Android users, you will have to wait till a decent watch running Android Wear. The new Moto 360 for £199.99 looks good.
Even if you are an iOS user, I would wait till the second version so they can work out all of the bugs.

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