Sky Broadband is going to block porn by default

Sky Broadband is going to block porn by default


5.3 million Sky Broadband customers are going to have their access to porn sites blocked by default. To access porn online Sky customers will need to turn off Sky’s Broadband Shield filter.

Sky like all other of the major broadband providers have been offering their customers an adult content filter as an option for the last year.

As well as blocking porn, the filter’s default age rating of 13 will now prevent access to sites concerned with dating, file-sharing, violence, drugs, suicide and self-harm.

Sky customers can now set the Broadband shield age filter to PG, 13, 18 or block only certain types of websites.

“What we are doing now is simply making sure that the automatic position of Sky Broadband Shield is the safest one for all – that’s ‘on’ – unless our customers choose otherwise” said Sky’s Lyssa McGowan in a blog post.

Sky Customers will now be e-mailed over the next few months asking them if they want to switch on the broadband filters. If they fail to respond, Sky will then automatically switch the filters on.

“Once Sky Broadband Shield is active, users will not be able to access any filtered sites unless they choose to login and change the setting to the Shield,” McGowan explained.

“However they can still browse away from the filtering page to visit any sites they wish suitable for a 13 year old without any interruptions”

Sky has said its customers can choose to switch off the filters at any time they wish and they wont be pestered after that.

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