Google Vs Apple

Google Vs Apple

Apple Vs Google

Cast is the technology behinds Google’s Chomecast and the standard that apps use to send video and audio to the device. Google has announced there will be a audio only version, so this means you will be able to beam music from your Google play store or any other supported app to Google’s cast ready speakers.

Sony, LG, Denon are just some of the companies that have come on board and the first set of speakers should arrive in spring of this year.

The system will work just like chomecast does now: simply tap on the cast button and it will send your audio to the speakers, and the music will be sent straight from the cloud rather than connecting to your device like AirPlay, This will help save battery life as it takes a lot of the stain off your smartphone or tablet and also means your music wont be interrupted by notifications.

Google have promised additional partners will join later in the year so the Google Cast network can expect more Android TV’s, games consoles and set top boxes, how ever there is no indication Google will release an Audio only version of the Chromecast to add the functionality to older speakers.

The Cast function is very similar to Apple’s AirPlay, but Sony have said that there speakers will support both systems in the future so you wont have to pick one over the other.

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