Windows users are at risk from an old security flaw

Windows users are at risk from an old security flaw

Windows security flaw

Microsoft have admitted that the .

The bug was found in the SSL and TLS security technology that encrypts data being sent between web servers and your browser. This flaw could let a hacker force the data to use a weaker encryption; this will then make it easier to steal things like your personal information.

A French-based team of security experts announced they had discovered the bug on the 3rd March, but the scary part was it had been undetected since 1999.

Initially the flaw was believed to affect BlackBerry, Android phones and Apples Safari web browser, but two days later Microsoft announced it also affected its operating system as well.

Microsoft said they were investigating the flaw and will “take the appropriate action to protect their customers”. This will most probably mean a security update or perhaps an emergency patch outside the update schedule.

Other tech companies have acted quickly to fix this flaw. Google have updated their version of Chrome for Macs, Apple are expected to release a fix for safari the week beginning 9th March. Google have yet to say if they will update Android to fix this flaw.

Security experts have advised PC users to switch to Firefox s browser, as the FREAK vulnerable does not affect it. They also recommended that Android uses should only use Googles Chrome browser on there devices and not the default Android browser. Mac Users should also try and avoid using Safari until Apple releases their update.

Its been estimated that of the 14 million websites offering encryption, around five million still remain vulnerable to the flaw.

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