Sky Broadband is going to block porn by default

Sky Broadband is going to block porn by default


5.3 million Sky Broadband customers are going to have their access to porn sites blocked by default. To access porn online Sky customers will need to turn off Sky’s Broadband Shield filter.

Sky like all other of the major broadband providers have been offering their customers an adult content filter as an option for the last year.

As well as blocking porn, the filter’s default age rating of 13 will now prevent access to sites concerned with dating, file-sharing, violence, drugs, suicide and self-harm.

Sky customers can now set the Broadband shield age filter to PG, 13, 18 or block only certain types of websites.

“What we are doing now is simply making sure that the automatic position of Sky Broadband Shield is the safest one for all – that’s ‘on’ – unless our customers choose otherwise” said Sky’s Lyssa McGowan in a blog post.

Sky Customers will now be e-mailed over the next few months asking them if they want to switch on the broadband filters. If they fail to respond, Sky will then automatically switch the filters on.

“Once Sky Broadband Shield is active, users will not be able to access any filtered sites unless they choose to login and change the setting to the Shield,” McGowan explained.

“However they can still browse away from the filtering page to visit any sites they wish suitable for a 13 year old without any interruptions”

Sky has said its customers can choose to switch off the filters at any time they wish and they wont be pestered after that.

Do you approve of Sky blocking porn sites by defaults? Please leave your comments below.

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What’s The Fuss About 4K?

What’s The Fuss About 4K?

This years World Cup Final is going to be filmed in 4K, experts claim that Ultra HD is the next big thing – but do we really need more confusing television standards?

4K Ultra HD Relative Sizes

4K Ultra HD Relative Sizes

What is it?

A new high-resolution video standard, that offers up to four times the detail of the current HD standard, and a wider range of colours. 4K refers to a format that is already widely used in digital cinemas, where the resolution is 4096×2160 pixels (4K being the number of horizontal pixels). 4K can also be used to describe a similar standard adopted by TV manufactures, but the official name for this is Ultra HD (or UHD) with a resolution is 2840×2160 pixels (2160P).

When is it due to launch?

If you are willing to spend £3,000 you can get an Ultra HD TV today. Sony, Samsung and LG have already launched an UHD-ready TV in the UK. 4K and Ultra HD TVs were everywhere at this years Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, there are many more UHD-capable devices due out in the coming months.

What other devices will use Ultra HD?

Theoretically any device that can display or record video could benefit from the resolution boost of Ultra HD. This means PCs, gaming devices, tablets, camcorders, digital cameras and even smartphones could adopt the standard.

Is this just another gimmick to get us to buy new TVs?

Unlike 3D, which proved to be a passing fad, Ultra HD is an improvement in general image quality. As such, Ultra HD is much more likely to be widely adopted.

I have not even got HD do I need Ultra HD?

If you have ever seen Ultra HD in action you will know how impressive it looks. There are many reasons why now might not be the best time to upgrade to UHD. Costs is a big one as they are still way to high at the minute, and some aspects of the format still need to be properly standardised, this includes a new type of HDMI connection. More importantly there is hardly any Ultra HD content available to watch in the UK. Broadcasters like the BBC and Sky are currently developing Ultra HD programming. Its unlikely we will be seeing much Ultra HD content via traditional broadcast methods any time soon, given there are only a handful of HD channels available on terrestrial TV, satellite or cable more than 10 years after the first HD transmission.

Amazon and Netflix have both said they are developing Ultra HD video streaming services but there is still no word on a launch date in the UK. YouTube can already support 2160p and there is a small selection of Ultra HD clip available to view. Most of these are unwatchable unless you have a high end PC with a very high-end graphics card and super fast broadband connection. You will also need to take the size of your living room in to account before jumping on the 4K bandwagon. Currently, the only Ultra HD TVs available are 50ins and bigger. There will be smaller sets one day but the benefits of 2160p are much clearer on a larger screen.

Samsungs 85in S9 Ultra HD TV costs just £35,000

Samsungs 85in S9 Ultra HD TV costs just £35,000

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Sky TV Fees Could Be Going Up By 10%

Sky TV Fees Could Be Going Up By 10%

Sky Logo Colour

Sky Logo

The satellite giant Sky has revealed it will be increasing its monthly fees by up to 10% which is due to start in September of this year, this will affect millions of Sky TV users. A message on Sky’s website saying, “Sky TV prices will be increasing on the 1st of September. In accordance with their standards terms, your Sky TV package may rise by up to 10% in the minimum contract term”

Sky has said they will be writing to all its customers next month with more details. It’s believed that the rise will be a lot less than the reported 10%. Last year Sky increased their prices by 2.5%. The move comes as Sky plugs a two-year free broadband offer for all of their Sky Sports Customers. This is in a bid to prevent households switching to rivals BT or TalkTalk. This is likely to mean Sky having to take a hit on the cost.

Sally Francis, of, said: “An up to 10% price rise is quite a substantial one, especially when some of Sky’s Packages can cost upwards of £70 a month. “Customers should be given plenty of warning about the increases and should be offered a way out if their package becomes unaffordable.”

Sky have said: “We work hard to keep any price rises to a minimum, and always ensuring we continue offering grate value, We will be writing to all our customers in July telling them about any changes.”

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Set Up An Airport Extreme Base Station/Time Capsule on Sky’s Fibre Broadband

Set Up An Airport Extreme Base Station/Time Capsule on Sky’s Fibre Broadband

If like me you are with sky but don’t want to use the white sky hub (Sagem) but instead you want to use Apples Airport Express Base Station or Time Capsule instead this is how to set it up and get it woking:-

Preparation (Requires original sky router still set up)

How to get username and password for Sky’s Hub SR101 (White)

1) Calculating your sky user-name and password

1.1) Go to Sky Broadband Password Calculator

1.2) Select “Sagem f@st”

1.3) enter the mac address from the sky routers status page (wan connection)

1.4) enter the sky routers default wireless key and click calculate

1.5) create the final key by adding the user-name and password together (user-name|password), you will end up with a key like 123456789012@skydsl|1234567890123456


Setting up Airport extreme Base Station/Time Capsule Using Air Port Utility 5.x

1.6) Get Airport Utility 5.6. There are 3 options to choose from depending on your OS

OSX Lion
OSX Mountain Lion – either follow the instructions or get the unpackaged version


Screen Shot How of Were to Enter Your Sky Information

1.7) open APU 5.6

1.8) click manual setup

1.9) click “Internet”. Select Ethernet for “Connect Using” Select Share a public IP address for “Connection Sharing”

2.0) click “TCP/IP”. Select Using DHCP for “Configure IPv4”

2.1) input your extracted username and password in the “DHCP Client ID” field in the format exampled above.

2.2) click “DHCP”. Select your preferred DHCP Beginning and Ending Address

2.3) click Update

After this the AEBS will reboot, leave it a minute and it should present you with an IP address and you will be connected

How to set up Air Port Base Station Using Air Port Utility 6.X

3) Connect your Airport Basestation to your Openreach Modem and your computer

3.1) open up Airport Utility and get in to the setting of the basestation

3.2) Under network select DHCP & NAT

3.3) Click on Bastation then edit, then go of file and export configuration file (I saved mine to desktop so it was easy to find)

3.4) open the configuration file your just saved using a Notepad (Windows) or Text edit (Mac)

3.5) Search for WADC CMD+F (Mac) or CTRL+F (Windows)

3.6) the search should sow the following:

Code: <Key>waDC</key>


3.7) in-between <String></String) put in the user name and password you got in the earlier step

so you should have something like:



<String>#############@skydsl | ##############</String>

3.8) Once you have done this save the changes you just made

3.9) go back the Airport Utility and the click import configuration file and select the one you just made changes to

3.10) Click Update

Give it a minute and the Airport Basestation should then connect to the inter and light should go Green you are then good to go

Please remember not to throw out your old Sky Router as you will still need to plug this back in if you ever have to ring up sky for broadband issues

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21 More Torrent Sites Blocked By ISP’s

21 More Torrent Sites Blocked By ISP’s

Torrent  Blocked By ISP

Torrent Blocked By ISP

Its good news for copyright holders as they have won a significant ruling in the High Court, that orders UK ISPs to block 21 major file-sharing sites.

The decision marks the BPI’s biggest victory to date. The music industry trade body managed to block only 4 of the file-sharing sites till this point.

The 21 sites blocked by a recent court order includes nine torrent sites and 12 sites that would link you to sites that were hosting pirated films, TV shows, music and software. The BPI said it had contacted the site asking them to remove the copyrighted content, but took it to court when the request was ignored. “We asked the sites to stop infringing copyright, but unfortunately they did not and we were left with no choice but to apply to the court, the judge considered all the evidence and declared that ISPs should not allow access to the sites,” BPI CEO Geoff Taylor said, Only the biggest UK ISPs are bound by this high court ruling so BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk, O2 and Virgin will have to comply. Previously the BPIs biggest success was to force ISP to block access to The Pirate Bay, which was one of the world most popular file-sharing torrent sites.

Mr Taylor said the blocks had “significantly reduced the use of these sites in the UK”. At present it is difficult to access the top 10 most popular torrent sites in the UK but not impossible.

Critics have argued that the blocks are ineffective as freely available software can enable people to gain access to the blocked sites again. Earlier this year The Pirate Bay launched PirateBrowser, which is a web browser that will easily circumvent the ISPs blocks.

Below is a list of some of the court orded blocked sites: –

  • 1337x
  • Bitsnoop
  • TorrentHound
  • Extratorrent
  • Monova
  • Trorrentcrazy
  • Torrentdownlaods
  • Torrentreactor
  • Torrentz

Surely one of the best way to stop people downloading films, music and software would be to make the online version cheaper than its media based counter part, after all they want us to download stuff or use the cloud, so why does it cost so much? After all the cloud based services or downloadable versions should have less over heads as they don’t need to burn anything to disk, have a special printers to print on to the disk, print a cover, have a case to put it in, then ship it to the store. So are the big company’s trying to tell us it costs the same to make a physical copy and then ship it to a store as it does to have one master copy and sell copy’s of that on line or make it accessible in the cloud? I am Sure people would be more inclined to pay a few more pounds for a proper copy than a pirated one. Why is it then films can cost more on line than their media based counterpart? Illegally downloaded copy’s only exists because company’s want too make to a bigger profit. So would it not make more sense to make them a lot cheaper and sell more than keep it the way it is and sell less?

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