BT Extends Super-fast broadband

BT Extends Super-fast broadband

What Happened?

BT Infinity

BT Infinity has arrived

BT have said it that it will be converting 99 more exchanges to fibre broadband, this is good news as it will extend its super-fast network to 1.2 million more homes. – A total of 19 million premises.

This is all part of BT’s effort to offer super-fast speeds to at least two thirds of the UK. Most homes will receive BT’s fibre-to-the-cabinet broadband (FTTC), This is were fibre runs from the exchange to the street-side cabinet and then copper cables from the cabinet to your house.

Half the homes to get fibre broadband will benefit from the upgraded exchange. The other half are in “infill” areas with Street-side cabinets that BT have not yet run fibre to, despite upgrading the exchanges over the last few years.

This has created a broadband divide in neighbourhoods as some streets are capable of receiving super-fast speeds, and others are not.

BT hasn’t said when the exchanges and cabinets are going to be upgraded, but the work will be happing over the next year, and finishing before Spring 2014. The full list of areas due to get fibre next is available on BT’s website.

How will It Affect You?

If you are one of the lucky ones living near an exchange set to get fibre you will be able to receive speeds of up to 80Mbps. It’s also good news for customers near street-side cabinets that have been overlooked. If fibre has hit your neighbourhood but not your street, this is a clear message from BT that you won’t be permanently left behind.

What Do I Think?

I am glad to see BT is not forgetting about areas that didn’t receive fibre broadband during the first few rounds of upgrades. However, BT should have explained to its customers the complexities of delivering broadband better. If a few streets within a area don’t get super-fast speeds, BT should tell the locals exactly why they have been missed and when they can expect to catch up.

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