Is Technology Taking Over Our Lives?

Is Technology Taking Over Our Lives?

This was sparked by watching the Tonight show which got me thinking, is technology turning people in to vegetables?

My concern is when people get board, they tend to pick up their mobile phone, tablet or laptop and not go outside. More and more people tend to communicate online not face to face, so we are starting to lose the ability to read body language, I know from past experience you have to be careful what you say in a text as it can be miss read much more easily than if you were face to face.

Over the last 10 years, technology has transformed the way we live, work and communicate with each other.

Could being dependent on devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops be having a negative impact on our behaviour and our every day life?

A few decades ago none of us had access to the type of technology or the amount of information that is available today, even the most basic computer would cost around £1500 so they would be out of the reach of most people but now they fit into our hands and cost less than a ¼ of what they used to.

Computers have transformed the way we live, work and even our personal relationships, but have we all really become a slave to the screen?

The Tonight show met Katie and Stuart Brown both 26-years old and new parents to baby Willow.

Katie admitted she is a social networking addict and she can spend up to 12 hours a day online, while Stuart is a keen online gamer.

Kate & Stuarts Sitting on the stairs

Katie and Stuart as the face the weekend without their gadgets

The couple did recognize that the time they spend online is having an impact on their relationship. They agreed to see if their relationship would improve without their gadgets, so for one weekend there would be no virtual world, texts, tweets or updates, laptops, mobiles, game consoles or the Internet.

Playing computer games for excessive amounts of time can cause problems like depression, not wanting to have any social contact and even suicide in extreme cases. But how much time is too much? I am keen  gamer and I can spend, as much as 4 – 6 hours playing online at times, but I know there are people that play for 12+.

So how much time do you spend on line, going on social networks or watching random videos on YouTube?

In the show Jonathan talks to neuroscience Professor Susan Greenfield to examine the impact technology like the Internet, social media and computer games can have on our brains.

Professor Greenfield

Professor Greenfield examining some scans to look at the effects technology is having on the brain

After seeing the Chinese study on Internet addiction, Professor Greenfield has called for more research to be done.

It’s not just in the home we have to be concerned. Our working lives are also affected as they are more reliant on digital technologies; being always “connected” for many means the inability to ever switch off from work.

I know I am bad for that as I work from home and am always checking my e-mails even after I have finished work. I find having a smart phone makes it  so easy to do this but I find it hard to switch off at times.

For many people technology is an essential part and a much welcomed part of life, many of us are prepared to go to great lengths to get the newest bit of kit or game. For the iPhone 5 launch people had been queuing for 48h+ just to be the 1st in line to get one, In the paper it was reported that someone was queuing for 7 days just to be the 1st in line to get the new Assassins Creed 3 game.

40% of adults and 60% of teenagers own a smartphone, which are more like a hand held computer not a phone. Tonight did a survey of 2000 people and 62% of those questioned believed that technology has changed their life for the better.

Ofcom did a survey of 1,138 adults and found people in the UK spend seven hours a day watching TV, surfing the net and using their mobile phone. We may spend more time than this because we multi-task using more than one device at the same time.

Is there a media overload? Do you spend more time multi-tasking? Do you find it stressful keeping up your with your friends across Facebook, Twitter etc.… or do you find technology has helped and enriched your life?

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